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PregPrep’s Essential Balance Oil is back in stock!!

Essential oils have been shown to have a calming, yet revitalizing influence on the body. Our Essential Balance Oil is made from a select blend of aromatherapeutic oils (including lavendine, bergamot, and evening primrose) to calm the mind, harmonize the body, and help support the reproductive system. PregPrep’s Essential Balance Oil also helps put women in the optimal mood for the best part of baby making!

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Discover how PregPrep helped Robin, Katie and Jill take control of their fertility frustrations by following PregPrep’s Natural Conception program. We are so thrilled they wanted to share their story and joy with you! Watch the video

PregPrep Complete Conception Kit

How It Works

PregPrep helps women get pregnant. It allows them to take charge of their conception and optimize their chances with 2 safe, natural, doctor formulated products that work together to target a woman’s most fertile days. Read more

Lara Oboler

Founder’s Story

Dr. Lara Oboler’s discovery was that natural mucolytics help women get pregnant. This led to 3 easy conceptions and the commitment to create an easy-to-follow, natural program for every woman getting ready to conceive.  Read more

PregPrep Testimonials

My husband and I had been trying for almost a year and we were about to start the process of figuring out why we were not getting pregnant. I heard about PregPrep on Good Morning America and decided that day to purchase it. I started the pills as directed, however to my surprise my ovulation came the day I started the pills instead of 5 days later. We had intercourse 2 days before ovulation, day of ovulation and day after. We are very blessed and thank God everyday for this gift! We can’t wait to meet our little one in April 2016.
Breann, 27, Texas
Just wanted to share my wonderful experience!! I saw PregPrep on GMA and ordered it in June. I started with my July fertility week and just got a BFP test Friday!! We tried for 5 months!! Thank you so much!
Lashon, 35, North Carolina
I am 20 weeks! I used PregPrep and found out I was pregnant my next cycle. This is my second pregnancy and we had been trying for four months. I am pregnant with a little girl and couldn’t be happier! THANKS PregPrep!
Kelly, 30, MI
My husband had been talking about giving our son a sibling for months and really wanted them to be less than three years apart. I tried PregPrep, and within a few weeks, we were pregnant! It was an easy way to get my prenatal vitamins, which I had problems with in the past, and I loved the bath oil too. Getting pregnant can be stressful. This kit helps make it much easier and even adds in a relaxing element!
Rachel, 26, LA
My friend Sara recommended that I try PregPrep when I told her I wanted to have a baby. I used the kit for two months and on the second month we tried, it worked! I was quite surprised it worked so quickly! I now call my husband “One Shot Dan” but I know PregPep played a big part. We will be having a girl in August! Sending my sister in law in Paris a kit for when she starts to try in a few months!! Thanks!
Charlotte, 37, NY
We had been trying to conceive for 5 months when I purchased your kit. I followed the instructions and just got a positive result today! Thank you PregPrep! I cannot wait to welcome our new bundle of joy into our lives.
Rosemary, 23, Maine
I am 27 and my husband is 29. We had waited until we were ready to have children. We never thought we’d have a hard time conceiving. We tried for 6 months with no luck. Our 7th cycle I started PregPrep and am so excited because we just found out we’re expecting! I loved the kit, especially the essential oil. And I know that it gave us what we needed to conceive! I will definitely recommend PregPrep to anyone who is trying!
Heather, 27, Idaho
Thank you PregPrep! After trying for 8 months, I used your kit and now I am 5 weeks pregnant! My husband is being deployed to Afghanistan on December 28th and this is the best holiday gift you could have given us. Our entire family is thrilled, and our baby will be the first grandchild in our family.
Bilane, 24, Texas
I turned 40 over the summer and was thinking about having one more baby but wasn’t sure I’d be able to. My friend told me about PregPrep and said she got pregnant the 1st month she used it. So I decided to give it a try. Well, it worked! I am now 12 weeks pregnant and so excited! The program was super easy to follow and I really liked the easy-to-swallow VitaMelts. Thank you PregPrep!
Jessica, 40, New York
It’s not only safe and natural, it really works.
Lauren, 30, Staten Island
I knew the importance of taking folic acid when trying to conceive from when I had my first child years ago. But until a friend told me about the Make That Baby Kit, I never realized how effective a natural mucolytic would be.
Antonia, 41, NYC

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